Elizabeth has healing hands and heart which "talks" to my body, mind and spirit. During my Reiki session with her, I felt the tension melt away and several times I think I may have dozed off. After the session, I felt a sense of rejuvenation and peace. I would highly recommend Elizabeth as a healer.

-Lorri W.

I requested a session with Elizabeth that would combine Cranio-sacral therapy and Reiki. Upon meeting Elizabeth for the first time, I was immediately taken by a glow that she emanates. She was very warm, friendly, at ease and confident....and very, very grounded! Although I had heard great things about Elizabeth, it only took this brief meeting to know that I had made a good call in choosing to do work with her.

Our session was comprehensive; she asked me some very poignant questions about myself, both body and spirit related, and what I was looking for. In our pre-session conversation, I am guessing she was gaining insight into what I was about and what I was seeking.

My session with Elizabeth was nothing short of amazing. Some things surfaced for me that I know needed to, both emotional and physical...it was a gentle, smooth, gliding type of experience. I felt like the session took me down into a deeper, more transcended state of consciousness and then slowly eased me back up to a softer, greater sense of well-being present. It was just a delightful and transformative experience! Our post-session conversation revealed that we both had seen the same colors at the same time during the session and Elizabeth explained the significance of each color and what she saw with them. In my session, she brought in angels and animals or perhaps, I should say, they came into the session. Specifically, my recently deceased grand-dog....Wow, that was pretty amazing and so very tenderly sweet....he and I had a very special connection!

I've seen Elizabeth two more times since my first session and each session brings new enlightenment and always more healing. Upon meeting Elizabeth, you will know immediately that she is special and gifted. I believe she is skilled and adept at tapping into her gifts, not only because of her extensive training, but, also because of the personal work that she has done and continues to do.

-Frani Muth

I highly recommend Elizabeth, you will be delighted to add her to health and spirit maintenance list! When I went to Elizabeth for my Reiki therapy I had just had a fall and a resulting concussion two days before. My one-hour session with her made my broken body whole again and paved the way to recovery.

-Fred Wood, Greenville, SC

I would highly recommend Elizabeth and her services to ANYONE willing to give it a try. I was skeptical of any kind of spiritual/holistic healing before my session, but I was very curious and can honestly say that this was one of the best experiences. I've even joined Liz in a yoga class since my session. If you're stuck in a funk, feeling down, need to be re-energized, or simply want to experience something new and unique, open your mind and let Liz take over for a little while. Best thing I've done in a long time and I WILL BE BACK! Thanks again!

-Daniel Spielman

I have recently been recovering from a bad concussion (TBI). After having been shuffled around to various doctors, physical therapists, neurologists etc ,who gave me little to no guidance, I visited Elizabeth for Cranial Sacral therapy. Treatment of post concussion is a very little known field as each person has their own unique symptoms with their own individual brain injury.. I was suffering from dizziness, intracranial pressure, balance issues and neck pain. After my first session with Elizabeth, I can happily say, several of those symptoms were relieved at least by 50%, especially the pressure in my head. Although, Elizabeth treated me for concussion, I have read that cranial sacral is very successful in treating migraines, neck problems and other related issues. I can highly recommend this very soothing alternative treatment which is performed in a very relaxing environment. Elizabeth is an incredible healer and also has a vast knowledge of the human body and it's restorative powers!! Thank you Elizabeth!!

-Katrina H.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth this past year, and she is certainly an extremely gifted energy worker who offers many wonderful insights during her sessions. I also took the chakra balancing workshop, which was wonderful, and very helpful for promoting self reflection as well as decreasing the effects of stress on body and mind. I would highly recommend her for anyone searching for alternative methods to improve their health.

-Diane Baumgartner

Elizabeth is truly gifted. Her spirit and energy have helped me through very difficult and emotional times over the course of the last 10 months. She not only helps you release things that no longer serve you, she provides guidance on how to achieve your goals. Although I often leave my sessions with a newfound energy flowing through me, there is always a sense of calmness and clarity that accompanies it. Whether you're going through difficult times or just feel the need for additional guidance and direction, I highly recommend Elizabeth and White Lotus Holistics.

-Jenny Buckley

I lost my sister a year ago. It was around that time that Elizabeth came into my life as a yoga instructor. After a few classes and many adjustments, it came to my attention that she performed Reiki. Over this past year she has helped me become spiritually in tune with myself. I have experienced great healing and discovered solace from our sessions. I connect with powerful inner emotions I never knew I had. My time on the table is peaceful and usually quiet, there are times I see faces of the familiar and know they have come to reconnect with me and protect me. Most times I see beautiful orbs of color within my meditative state. It is nirvana. Elizabeth has comforted me in times of anxiety and has always lent me an understanding ear. She has been a wonderful addition to my life. I have grown so much spiritually and have discovered a new inner voice. I hope you take the leap of faith with Elizabeth; everyone deserves the wellness that this special person can bring to your life. Namaste.

-Kimberly Snyder

Elizabeth is a natural healer. She helped kick start my new life and I am so thankful to have had the time with her.

-Noelle Filion

I love love love Lizzie! I have been seeing her every 2 weeks for several months. My migraines have been manageable and in fact I can't remember the last time I had one. I am more in touch with myself and am much more in control of my emotions. My son began seeing her due to his anxiety. Through his sessions he is learning how to handle his anxiety and stand up for himself. This has truly been life changing for us.

-Beth Chatham

I absolutely adore Elizabeth of White Lotus Holistics. My first session was gifted to me by a dear friend and I had no idea what to expect. I entered my session feeling extremely stressed and left feeling as if a weight had been lifted. Elizabeth is very gifted and intuitive, she picks up on energies and things that nobody else would know about me. She is a wonderful healer and I absolutely recommend her services.

-Abby Rose

Elizabeth is the best kind of healer - a teacher, a guide. She opens you up to your true self. I'll be making special trips to Easton to see her when I move to Richmond!

-Paige Dillon-Sposa

I had the amazing experience taking a Chakra Workshop lead by Elizabeth... before this workshop, I was so unaware of my mind and body. During the time of the workshop, I had to have emergency surgery. I was able to use the meditation and breathing techniques before/after surgery. After the surgery I then focused to get my Chakras aligned. Elizabeth helped me learn and do that; to find and explore my mind and spirit to realign my Chakras. Meditation techniques to stay calm during surgery. She's an amazing teacher, guide, listener.

-Nicole Elizabeth Marie

I attended Elizabeth's Chakra Workshop. She has a lovely way about her, very calming and serene. I loved her guided meditations! Highly recommend.

-Kara Miller

I was a humble participant of Elizabeth's Chakra Workshop in the Fall of 2015. It helped deepen my meditation practice - something I hadn't known was going to happen. I highly recommend checking out White Lotus Holistics and Elizabeth; she brings peace and healing to everything she does.

-Sue Tayman Schorr

I am so happy to have attended a Chakra balancing workshop that Elizabeth instructed! She has an incredible spirit and is very inspiring. Her teaching resonated with me on so many levels!

-Meghan Wendt Lahman

Elizabeth has a wonderful gift that she shares with others. Whether through Reiki, guided meditation, or her jewelry, she brings light and positive energy to all she encounters.

-Diane McGowan

FIVE stars without a doubt. My session with Elizabeth was by far the best thing I've done for myself so far in my life! I felt so refreshed and ready to take on ANYTHING! Thanks again!

-Katelyn Hanes

Elizabeth is wonderful woman with angelic hands, here to help us heal...

-Evan M.

I have known Elizabeth for years and have had the privilege of watching her practice grow, in terms of both clients and her expertise. My sessions with Liz have left me feeling physically and spiritually at peace in the present and open to the possibilities within myself for the future. I would highly recommend Liz to anyone seeking healing for physical, spiritual, or emotional pains but also to anyone seeking to tune up or check in with their honest selves.

Lauren Franke-Mentzer

Elizabeth is truly one of a kind! She has a warm, calming, comforting spirit and way about her and she immediately puts people at ease in her presence.

-Susanna Jayne

Elizabeth has a special talent for teaching yoga and meditation. I always leave her classes feeling both energized and renewed and relaxed and calmed--strange combination, I know, but that's what I mean when I say special. I highly recommend her classes to anyone that either already loves yoga or is curious to know more about it.

-Laly Novey Murphy

Elizabeth is a wonderful and thoughtful healer; she is gentle in her Reiki and Crystal therapy, Her Craniosacral therapy is amazing; such small gentle movements have helped my neck which at times freezes up as to have no movment, that has been greatly relieved...as well as TMJ. My mind/body/spirit connection is improving daily after a long traumatic time I suffered through years ago; more than ever, I feel less stuck, and this gives me hope.
A beautiful SOUL embodied in a lovely caring woman.

-Maureen Webster

After just two sessions with Elizabeth I feel so much better & more positive than I have felt for a long time. I am getting to "know myself" for the first time. I can't really explain it, but it's a great feeling--Thank you!

JoAnne Schnaitman

I had the pleasure of having a Reiki session with Elizabeth in August after suffering from a terrible migraine. I was very relaxed, more than I've EVER been and after about 15-20 mins I had tremendous relief. I wish I lived closer; I would love to have another healing session.

Corynne Ardison USVI's

Elizabeth, Thank you for a wonderful, enlightening experience today. See you next month.

-Jo-Ann Saville

I had no idea what to expect when I went for my Reiki session, but what an excellent experience I had. I felt so much better and had so much more clarity after Elizabeth's attention. The atmosphere was soothing and comfortable. A lot of what I had been feeling was validated during the session. After this experience I've decided to make Reiki a part of my health regimen and will be making Elizabeth my Reiki specialist.

-Suzanne R.