Distance & Proxy Healing Sessions

What is Distance & Proxy Healing?

One of the wonderful things about energy, is that it can be directed and channeled over great distances. Scientists and holistic practitioners know that thoughts and energy change physical conditions. We even have technology available today that can record the energy patterns before and after distant healing sessions. Energy is the blueprint for all functions and conditions. Once the energy fields and patterns have been balanced, the physical body then follows the information received and resets to the natural way of functioning. The practitioners at White Lotus Holistics have been trained to connect with your unique energy field to enhance your natural state of wellness. When you receive a distance healing session, your energetic patterns are seen and are then harmonized to assist you in returning to your innate, natural patterns of health.

Distance healing has been researched in several scientific studies. A recent double-blind study with UCSF was published in the Western Journal of Medicine, which showed the positive effects of distance healing on AIDS patients. Patients who received distance healing spent one-sixth the time in the hospital and contracted one-third the AIDS related illnesses as those who did not receive distance healing.

The ability to heal by touch has been known and accepted for thousands of years. It involves the transfer of healing energy from one person to another. Healing is the offering of Universal Energy with the specific aim of restoring a state of balance to the person receiving healing on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The key is that healing should always be given as an offering of unconditional love, with an approach of 'thy will be done'. It is not for the healer to determine what the client's spiritual needs or desires are; however they may use their skills to help the client to achieve their own state of balance within any given circumstance. Healing can be of great value in a variety of different situations, as it allows the client to regain their own sense of balance and harmony. It is by assisting the client with the removal of blockages to their energetic system and bringing their system back into balance that the healer is able to help the client to achieve the changes they desire. These changes can happen on every level of the client's system- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. One special advantage of this form of healing is that it can be given without the person being present. It is also very effective on animals.

We typically begin these sessions with a phone conversation to discuss your issues and the intention of your energy healing. We can also communicate with you over the Internet through audio/video conferencing such as Skype or others. Then, while you relax at home, in bed, or on a comfortable couch or reclining chair, your healer connects with your energetic field, making the same evaluations, and charging and clearing your field just as we do during an in-person healing session.

What will I experience during a distance session?

Just as an individual experience with an in-office session varies, so too does receiving a distance session. Although the response may vary, most report a profound sense of peace and relaxation often not experienced before. Many report a feeling of serenity, as if they have "returned home" that goes beyond words.Insights related to the intention often arise during the session or in the days that follow. During the session, your cells are bathed in healing energy. The receptive, respectful and loving energy enters the cells as they deem appropriate. The healing that occurs is transformative and long lasting.

What if my mind wanders or I fall asleep during the session?

Because the energy goes directly to the source of the imbalance where all illness is created, the cells, the participation of the waking mind is not required. Although the mind often feels reassured when it can recount something that has occurred, it is not necessary for the deep healing of a distance session to occur.

What is a Proxy?

If you cannot speak to a person, online or on the phone the easiest method to use in your healing session is a proxy. So what's a proxy? A proxy is an object that is utilized by the healer, to represent the recipient of the healing energy. The proxy is used in place of the person, animal or whatever, that cannot be in your physical presence at the time of the healing. I have a special proxy, but you can use a pillow, a picture of the person, a doll, statue or whatever you feel comfortable with. The proxy helps the healing channel focus and direct the energy needed by the recipient. The client receives the energy through the proxy, because that's what you've set your intention on in the beginning of the healing session.

What will help me integrate the healing into my everyday life?

Take some quiet time after your session. Avoid the temptation to jump back into busy life.Journal or write about your experience. An excellent tool for the conscious mind, this supports what has occurred outside the waking reality to become more known. Often, individuals are surprised at how much content comes to the surface and insights arise even though before they felt that "nothing" had occurred.From your experience, write down one insight or next step that will bring you closer to your goal.

How does the session work?

A distance healing session is virtually the same as a normal healing session, except there are many ways we can "connect", depending on our respective time zones and schedules.

My preferred way is that we book up to three sessions of 50 minutes to an hour each. Find a time and place where you can be alone and uninterrupted. At the appointed time I'll call you and we'll chat for up to 10 minutes. I'll answer any questions and give some information about Distance Healing.

There's no need to tell me your medical symptoms as I'm not a medical doctor and do not diagnose illness. Our chat is just to get to know each other a little; to establish rapport and allow me to connect with your energy. Some say the healing begins during this informal chat, or even when you make the appointment.

We will then go into the actual healing session. You'll find a quiet place to rest, close your eyes and be present. Notice when there is something to notice, appreciate when there is nothing to notice. After 30 minutes we'll talk again on the phone, debrief and arrange your second session if not already done.

This debrief is important in bringing your experiences to the fore, and I will take notes for your future reference. The healing may be immediately felt or it may unfold over a period of time: it certainly doesn't stop after the 30-45 minute session. Most importantly: expect to enjoy your healing sessions.

Healing is child's play, because it's fun and it's a journey!