Choosing a Healer:

Healing Choosing the right healer is very important, for although it is our understanding that all healers are tapping into the same force, no matter what they call it, it is also true that every healer brings their own unique vibration to a session, or signature, to the way they work and it is important that you choose a healer whose energetic signature feels compatible with your own.

In our experience it is the capacity of the healer to 'hold' the presence of that underlying, unifying force and set the intention for a session that determines how effective they will be. For example we may go to several different massage therapists or acupuncturists, all trained in exactly the same techniques, but we find that one of them has that extra indefinable 'something' that makes their treatment work wonders in a way the others do not. This person is the most effective healer, this person has the greatest capacity to 'hold the presence' whether they realize it or not.

Healing Hands If you decide to choose us, then from the minute you make that choice; the healing work has begun. For although we use a number of highly effective tools to enhance our work, the single most important thing we bring to the work is 'the presence'. It is that which does the work. Very often people say that they feel better just for making their first contact with us. This is because an exchange of energies has already occurred and since our intent is to heal then healing is what you get!

Are Healers Born or Made?

Are healers born or made? This is an interesting question. Certainly, these days, anyone who is sufficiently interested and motivated can train in any number of energy based therapies and utilize those tools with varying degrees of effectiveness. The fact that they are interested and motivated is, in itself, an indication that there is some consciousness of the hidden nature of shifts at work within them. They feel called to this particular line of interest and certainly, training and Healpersonal development can greatly enhance an innate ability. Again, such trainings have been part of human culture since history began. Esoteric knowledge has been passed down through lineages, mystery schools, from master to pupil, across the globe each culture has had its way of handing on esoteric knowledge and its own ways of deciding who is eligible to receive it.

Throughout most of history, to this point, the dissemination of such knowledge has been a closely guarded secret, and in some traditions it still is, but it seems to be a sign of the times and a mark of a radical shift in human consciousness that much of what was once held secret is now being shared openly. With the information highway we now have the ability to share our knowledge and understanding with vastly more people than has ever been possible before. Quantum physics has also caught up with the idea of some unifying force that underpins everything and there is now a whole new language emerging which enables us to bring these ancient concepts into a modern understanding.

So now more people than ever are finding themselves drawn to this holistic way of looking at things and it is our experience that healers are both born and made. It's not either/or, it's both! Somesage people get there by accident, others by design, and still others by a bit of both. It really doesn't matter. Healing is about intent. So while every person is capable of 'learning' to be a healer, there are others that have that 'something' within them that can be tapped and shared as healing energy with others. It is a palpable feeling when you are around that person that you can almost sense the healing energy emanating from their being. So while healing can be learned, being a healer is already within us and can be felt from the client's perspective as a state of peace and calm after a session with their particular healer. It really is a matter of preference and finding someone that resonates with your own inner energy and vibration.

A healer is someone who enables healing in another.

A healer helps to facilitate the body's own natural ability to heal and acts as a guide through this process.

A healer does not "do" the healing—nature does—the healer simply plays the role of catalyst. ​

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